Friday, August 10, 2007

Photocards: Vacationing with the "Resident in the Oval Office"

Dear Karl....We miss you. You would love it down here. The fish'n was great! We caught a few black fish...but Dad said he didn't like we threw those back

Dear 4th Branch, I hope all is well. Sorry I sat at your desk in the Oval Office on Wednesday..I just wanted to see what it felt like. Anyways, thanks for the vacation..Oh yeah..Mom says, thanks for the bottle.

Dear Mr. Gates, Vacation is fun, but I wanted to make sure that I have transportation for my ride home. They tried to hide the plane before we left, but I found it with my skillz. Laura kept asking..."Where's your ride, 'w'?" I used that line that Tenet taught me. I told her..."They said they would be here...That it was a 'Slam Dunk'"

Dear my favorite POW, I went on a ride with those 'border guys' today. It was fun playing in the dirt. I saw some of those people you want to keep out of my was funny..we squealed the tires and dirt flew all over them. What a day..Wish you were here.

Dear General BetrayUS, Dad got mad at the girls and sent them on a different vacation. He said, "They were going to an Iranian welcome party" When I get back can someone show me where this Iranian place is. I think it might be a state we own.

Yesterday we stayed indoors and watched a great video of this place called New Orleans. What a dump...and the people were a dark color too...weird.

Dear Tony, Today, Dad and I giving the Segway another try...I fell off last time...I scuffed my knee but, Jeb gave my boo boo a kiss and I'm all better now. Hey, Its hard to do after that bottle of Jack the 4th Branch gave mom and I.

Dear Gonzo, my boy, the man...Today was the greatest. We saw some of those 302 million 'poor people'..they kept calling themselves CITIZENS.What does that mean? I just gave them the finger and told them to 'shut up' or I'd send them to the 4th Branch prison on that island we have under Jeb's territory.

Welcome to the Homeland.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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