Thursday, August 9, 2007

America hears the ALARM...Hits Snooze One More Time

As the "resident in the Oval Office" , Congress, and the Iraqi Parliament enjoy vacation together, the 4th Branch remains in DC creating another ill conceived strategy for his next Corporate War. Hear the Drumbeat, America. The neo con drum circle are beating their drums with intensity. Its almost wartime...again...

Co Sponsoring the War of Terror

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bogi666 said...

The propaganda for invading Iran is so simple for the NEOCON's it's frightening and it's broadcast on TV and the MSM. The last letter has been changed from Q to N and exactly the same tactics are being used with the "N" word, for IraN.Just as the American public was duped they are again being duped by the very same people who did it before. The same words are used, all that has been done on the press releases is to change the Q to N. The disdain of the Bush maladministration NEOCON'S for the American taxpaying public cannot be overstated. The arrogance, insults, abuses, lies continue unabated AND THEY WORKED BEFORE, SO WHY CHANGE MODELS AND IT'S ALMOST SEPTEMBER which is when models change according to Andrew Card.Their implementing of a soviet-fascist type government for the USA is the new model.