Thursday, August 9, 2007

Inside the Green Zone: American 'paradise' Revisited

As the Iraq war pushes deep into another abysmal year, the Bush Cabal are finding it harder to keep 'confidential' information secret than ever before. Slowly all their dirty little secrets will come to bare all their criminal deeds. One of these dastardly secrets is the Green Zone in Iraq. home and sole 'source' of western journalists, it serves as the HQ of the allied armed forces, western diplomats, the Iraqi Parliament, and 'base' to countless sub 'machine gun' contractors in the war on terror. Subject of many controversies, the Green Zone, IS IRAQ to the American populace. What is in this 'Green Zone'? who is there? what does it look like? Who knows...."it's national security"
Hush...stop asking questions.

In a shocking discovery...the Green Zone is an American 'paradise'. Consisting of 320 acres, on prime Baghdad real estate...the Green Zone is exactly that..a Green area in which Americans...and other 'westerners' alike can cajole and hop about within 'Iraq'. It serves as a resting place, an eatery, a tennis 'mecca', home to the few western journalist in Iraq's paradise in the lands of Mesopotamia...the cradle of civilization. The Green Zone is exactly what the Bush Cabal wants to hide from the public...The real Iraq....gated "luxury Iraq".

Filled with pools, national monuments, world class date orchards, palaces..the Green Zone was once Saddam's and his associates residential zone.
"an uncrowded district of villas, palaces, and monuments set in a park like expanse that spreads for four square miles inside a meander of the Tigris River at the center of the ruined city."William Langewiesche
His personal Disneyland, if you will. Not anymore. Currently the Green Zone offers another reality...the realities of western occupation. As the rest of Iraq suffers through an occupation for 'blood oil', western companies enjoy the comforts of Iraq's' former Dictator. They have commandeered the very essence of Iraq. Take a moment a go on the tour...the tour 'w', 4th Branch, and the "domesticated" Western press don't want you to see....The missing "news" in their coverage.

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