Monday, August 20, 2007

Has Gen. Petraeus become our new Ollie North?

Recent revelations by the White House that the 'September Petraeus Report' will be written by the White House and its senior officials is absolutely ridiculous. Has the pot ever called the kettle black? I believe not. This is a clear sign that Petraeus has succumbed to the power of partisan politics instead of his commitment to duty.
White House officials suggested to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week that Petraeus and Crocker would brief lawmakers in a closed session before the release of the report, congressional aides said.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates would provide the only public testimony before the delivery of the report. It also clearly states that the president "will prepare the report and submit the report to Congress" after consultation with the secretaries of state and defense and with the top U.S. military commander in Iraq and the U.S. ambassador.
Washington Post 8/16/2001
Hasn't the same players from different scandals led US down the same path before? Remember Iran / Contra? The selling of arms to Iran to perpetuate an illegal proxy war with the Contras in Nicaragua and Honduras and in turn, have Iran increase pressure on Hezbollah to release of American held hostages. Read former Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North's emails. This scandal was huge. In fact it brings US back around to square one with our current Iraq/Iran debacle.

While Iran and Iraq were fighting their bloody war of attrition, the US was supplying Iraq with weapons and the Soviets, Iran. Then the bi polar hegemonic powers switched sides and started supplying the opposing nation. It was a huge clu$ter f@$k...In short, we were supplying the enemies of our enemies with weapons. Nothing new. What was new was an investigative committee finding North complicit.

Lt. Colonel Ollie North never stood up...never stopped obeying orders from his civilian counterparts in the CIA, Defense department, the Oval Office, etc. He allowed himself to become a political tool for the administration. As he stated under testimony "I was authorized to do everything that I did". Illegal or not, the order was obeyed.

Is this what our military general and officer corps are supposed to do? To obey all orders even if those orders are illegal? I tend to differ with this judgement. Our military leaders are not to blindly obey. They're the military professionals. They've been educated and trained in warfare, unlike their civilian counterparts in the Pentagon and the Defense Department who dabble in academic thought on war. Our military leader do this as their full time job...they know war.

Our civilian leaders know war only through academia. War is merely an academic experiment to them. Much like writing this blog is for me. Part time. The military offers the means for war...Politicians offer the justification. If the rationale doesn't 'fly' should be squashed and deemed inappropriate. This is where North failed. He didn't question. He didn't use his better judgement. Instead he defended the rationale.

In Iraq it appears our generals are obeying blindly. They, like US, seem to have no voice with the BushCO administration. I fear Petraeus has taken the same path. He his allowing his professionalism to be subjugated to partisan political endeavours. He is becoming the tool of subversion. The patsy. He and his military corps know what is happening in Iraq. They live the reality, not the administration who enjoy the cozy comforts of the Western White House.

His words need to be heard otherwise he has become the 'new Iraq strategy'..the old Bush strategy. In fact, didn't the last 'man in charge', Gen. Pace, not receive a 2nd term as Joint Chief of Staff in Iraq because he was getting ready to face Congressional testimony on the 'progress' of the war? BushCO pulled him. They feared Pace would cave under pressure and risk their entire fallacy of a war. Let's just hope they didn't find their patsy.

I guess we'll all find out on Sept 15th. Will the persistent lie continue? or will the man that has been sold to US as the Saviour for Iraq turn out to be a 'lemon'. The same players sold US a pack of lies to get into THIS war, are they selling US the carton in General Petraeus? I'll ask again..Has Gen. Petraeus become our new Ollie North?

A little advice from myself: History remembers all those complicit generals in WWII. They will remember you too, Petraeus. Jump ship now..don't become part of the same players cast. Stand up and defend our Nation...not the homeland. All Ollie received was a war propagandist FOX news show. Your credentials, your service, your reputation is worth much more. Especially to our children. Let the TRUTH out!

Iran / Contra: From Poppy fields in Afghanistan to the Streets of LA

1988: Indicted or Prosecuted for involvement in the Iran / Contra Scandal.
Dick Cheney, Robert Gates, Elliott Abrams, George H.W. Bush, John Poindexter, Richard Armitage, Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Otto Reich, John Negroponte, Charles Allen (CIO Homeland Security), Casper Weinberger, Clair George, Robert McFarlane
Same Players. Different Scandal.


DetainThis said...

Good Lord. Olly North is such a freakin' traitor. It's absolutely disgusting. (Nice links, BTW.)

I am running out of words to describe the deeds of these slimeball bastards.

And the Petraeus/White House progress report scandal/joke would be like a child's mother writing his report card.

Either way the report looks, I have absolutely NO positive outlook on the results of further aggression against Iran. The US military will be absolutely enveloped in chaos and will eventually perceive the necessity of a nuclear Mideast holocaust (not that they don't already have that in mind).

Sorry to say, but the US military will in due time be decimated as a result of a attack on Iran.
(They're already at war with them unilaterally and quasi-covertly, of course, but an overt attack will result in the humbling of the United States as we've never seen before: just my opinion.) And Israel will not be able to hold the line against Hizballah, Hamas, Syria, Iran, and the various anti-Israel militant groups in the region which have thus far kept their distance.

US and Israeli neoconnivers and zionazis are putting their people in grave danger and will have lamp posts with their names on them all over the Middle East and America before all is said and done.

Great post, NS.

NewsSophisticate said... never fail

"And the Petraeus/White House progress report scandal/joke would be like a child's mother writing his report card.?"

It's complete and utter subversion. The Same Players from Different Scandals are committing the same crimes again. They've effective silenced the 'rational'.

politicians go to war..not the people of their nation. We all weep together. The problem here lies in how we get there.

I follow the belief that One World Government is not all that the journey to get there that I fear. The current administration ARE convicted criminals, yet they lead US into doom. The Historical Record has spoken..the media and our 'complicit' politicians are both negligent...They both should be convicted..their are no misdeamenors in their crimes. This is a COUP on America.

They tried it once before..this time they just may well succeed. Check my new post and see how the power of Homeland Security is massing..consolidating its 'power'..tapping the entire network of the western to speak.