Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kim Jong IL parties on the Town

"It's time to party, beetches...The Axis of Evil is in da' house! Ever since I signed on with the Bush Administration to shutdown one of my plutonium reactors I've been given all these 'special privileges'. Now I'm one of them...if I play my cards right, I might even be invited to the 4th Branch after party." exclaimed a jubilant Kim Jong Il after a wild night of partying it up.
When asked why the reversal in his nuclear policy, Kim responding by saying,
"Come on...I respect 'w' and the 4th Branch...they're making the U.S. of A just like my militaristic country. I have never seen such talent. The speed and calculated consolidation of the economy, media, and government is something I admire. feels like home over here in your homeland. It's about time someone over here gave up on that Democracy thing."
Looking slightly agitated Kim grabs his iPhone and starts to jabber away. Catching small snippets of conversation I overhear him saying,
"...Right on, Rup and . Excellent work with the WSJ..that newscrapper needed more beetches in it...I hated those long 'factually correct' columns. Anyways, I hear FOX and the WSJ are sponsoring the after party tonight..think I got a chance with that skeletor, waifish, evil looking thing of a woman, Ann Coulter? Hannity and O'Reilly told me she was a good pass around...I can't wait..Let me just drop this bimbo off first...see ya soon"

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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