Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome COLD WAR II: Russian and American pilots play 'TOP GUN' over the Pacific

A shocking revelation comes to light. Reuters in Moscow is reporting that Russian and American aircraft are resuming their deadly 'games' over the Pacific. In total 'Top Gun' fashion, the Russians flew their bomber over the U.S. Military base on Guam and "exchanged smiles". Maverick....Iceman...cut the crap...these silly games are dangerous.
"It has always been the tradition of our long-range aviation to fly far into the ocean, to meet (U.S.) aircraft carriers and greet (U.S. pilots) visually...Yesterday we revived this tradition, and two of our young crews paid a visit to the area of the (U.S. Pacific Naval Activities) base of Guam", stated Major General Pavel Androsov, head of long range aviation in the Russian Air Force.

"On Wednesday, young pilots of strategic bombers passed a series of tests, including missile launches. "We fired eight cruise missiles, and all hit bull's eye...The president learned about the pilots' work the hard way," "This one flight yielded an awful lot.", Khvorov said.
Is this a show of Deterrence to the United States? Are they attempting to voice their opinion on Iran? or is this the beginning of COLD WAR II: The Bush Cabal against the world? Hear the Drumbeat...Bush is no Reagan...The Bush Cabal will raise tensions..not release them. Read the full article

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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