Monday, August 6, 2007

Meet the Men who supply the UN and NGO's with Vehicles

Ever wondered where the civilian vehicles for these private sub 'machine gun' contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming from? How they get 'in country'? how there seems to be an endless supply of them? Well, here's your Western Auto L.L.C. of ETA-Ascon Group, an auto trading/leasing pseudo business based in Dubai with all the other corrupt companies tearing the world apart. Western Auto bills themselves as
"Suppliers to United Nations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s)"with a slogan of "Service is not a matter of chance, but of Choice. It Does not Happen by Itself, but has to be Achieved"
Their services sound spectacular as well. Like a typical 4th Branch company...they do everything. They will finance with a
"competitive finance package through local banks. We can arrange this with in a short period of time."...they can insure it,

" we research the market thoroughly in order to get you the best insurance quotes." then they register it

"Once the vehicle is purchased from us we offer a comprehensive service where we will take responsibility to carry out the necessary work to register your new car. This hassle free service may take couple of days. However the service is complementary to all our customers."..on top of that

"Every car comes with at least 6 months warranty, which can be extended to 1 year or more. " and since they have needy clients "our customers enjoy an in car entertainment systems including DVD’s, TV’s & high performance music systems. Please specify your needs & we will get the best for you."

oh..and one can't forget they also offer "Hardening vehicular security to B3/B4/B6 and B7 levels for select customers
Geez...these 'fellas got everything rolled into one. Show your car, pseudo pay....and your out the door. Not a bad deal. I wonder if I could buy something. After all they offer an
"extensive e-commerce infrastructure and strong links to a wide global network of dealers enable Western Auto to deliver on time, every time. Vehicles sourced from Europe and the Far East are imported and then re-exported to markets in the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa. Our operations in the Americas are also steadily expanding.
Great. It looks like Blackwater in Darfur will have their rides 'pimped' before MTV Cribs shows up. Body Armor, tactical weapons, DVD's and all. Perhaps while there they will run into Brangelina and talk about how America has resorted to celebrity diplomacy and sub 'machine gun' contractors to remedy GENOCIDE. Oh well, I guess 'blood oil' in the Middle East is more important then PEOPLE. Thanks 'w', thanks 4th Branch...I'm sure we will 'learn' to love your NeWhOmland.

Read their advertising letter to their prospective clients on MidEastNet "The very first internet publisher in the Arab World" as they claim.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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