Sunday, August 12, 2007

Machiavelli Revisited: '94 interview with the 4th Branch

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Video: Dick Cheney '94: "Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire"...admits if the US went into Iraq without allies it would lead to a US OCCUPATION. He knew his plan...he knew what would occur if we went. It's time to IMPEACH. "if you take down the Central Government of Iraq you could easily see parts of Iraq fly off....How many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth"

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Same Players. Different Scandal.

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PollM said...

It's a story to me and you. But how sad can it be to the Iraqis and the people who lost loved ones as a result of a lie of war mungers. What a shame 10 years from now we'll find ourselves out of Iraq with Zero accomplished. Keep the truth alive even 10 years from now, as they rewrite history to make it worthy cause. The truth teaches us to never do it again in other parts of the world -------> Keeping the Truth