Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Introducing: Dynsec Group Scandinavians in the War of Terror

Whomever said the Scandinavians were neutral in the war on terror has not met Dynsec Group. Based in Sweden, they bill themselves as a "Security Risk Management" company with
"representative offices in the USA and South Korea. Our main area of operation is high threat regions in the Middle East and Africa"
Great...another corporate private military army (PMA) to march around the world.

When an American thinks of Sweden they think IKEA...beautiful, cheap, architecturally sound furniture. They think tall sexy blondes, blue eyes and wicked hot accents. Amazing skiing and beautiful scenery...ahh the life. A vacationers dream. Yet, no one fathoms the thought of them participating in the war on terror. This is not the case. Dynsec Group, like IKEA, is a smooth operator, their vision is to be THE leading
"alternative within [the] International Security and Peace Operations industry, providing our clients with premier integrated security solutions while setting the conduct and performance standards for our industry".
Sounds great...I'll take some. But wait..are they saying that there is a private military 'industry'? A new market to be tapped? Corporate warriors?

Interesting..as we in the US, focus in on companies like Blackwater USA and Triple Canopy Inc., Dynsec Group, the Scandinavian equivalent, has gone under the radar. What I find extremely peculiar is how they market themselves. These guys have the best defense contractor website I've ever seen. Perhaps this is due to the Swedish penchant for the finer details of craftsmanship, I don't know. Whereas, Blackwater and Triple Canopy seem to hide their 'suspicious actions', Dynsec puts it out there...Sound effects and all. Cruising their website felt like navigating the title screen of a DVD or a video game.

Dynsec group, consists of
" selected Scandinavian, British and American professionals, recruited from Law Enforcement, Military and Corporate Security organizations...We provide highly professional and discreet services that make our clients 'feel' secure and comfortable in every situation...are prepared to take action at a moment's notice. Our [SRM] team delivers a comprehensive suite of security services that are complete, efficient, and cost effective solutions ...".
Renaissance men, they do it all...After they finish their security, technical, and operational expertise , "within several market sectors", they 'll go back to being the peaceful, neutral, IKEA making, tall, blonde, sexy skiers we thought they were. or Perhaps they are the Knights Templar...( I found the Knights Templar to be an odd link on their website) If you know the history of the Templars......then

Dynsec Group has a much more interesting set of logos that needs further investigation.

*special note* All these PMA's have Illinois, Virginia, and DC offices ..odd??

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Same Players. Different Scandal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it all SOUNDS good, but! The Swedish Govt rebuked Dynsecs license to run the services on Swedish soil - hence offices in the US/SK. His company was viewed as perhaps an unwanted blot on the scandinavian landscape. The bitter reality is far from the glitzy gung-ho website. Itsa case of "They can talk the talk, but they cant walk the walk". Dynsecs reputation inside Sweden is hardly glowing. Run mainly by third party employed foreignors (US/Brits), a high turnover of management and instructors belays a sorry tale of disception and a long list of students demanding their money back.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is for sure what an artistic web designer can do to fool the flock of wannabees into believing what they read and see. What the warning sign here is that ANYONE can join an organisation without reference or due diligence and paint their sorry logos on their site to make it all loooook gooood. Who's the fool?

Anonymous said...

Hey! They look okay to me. You got anything to back this up? or are you just a flunky who wasnt up to the mark?

Anonymous said...

Dynsec have no operation in either Afghan/Iraq and certainly not Africa. It is a tool to get as much money from wide-eyed wanabees who yearn for action and high wages, and if they are really lucky - some dumb company to actually contract them for their para-military services (not). The training gives no recognised qualification in the industry. Do they have a crack team on standby for any high risk event worldwide? And my Gran is the Queen of Sweden!

Anonymous said...

Apart from Europe and the US, Dynsec Group operates in the Niger Delta, Kurdistan and parts of Afghanistan. Their mentors are usually of scandinavian origin. The company also offers some of their most skilled personnel to other contingency contractors and security companies.

- The training at Dynsec's facilities is intrisically defensive.

Anonymous said...

Dynsec? where in Niger Delta? afghanistan? Iraq? Swedish army and Norweigian military forces are still operating in high risk area. So both of them can be dynsec's mentors? Bull shit...

Some denishs and Norweigians have been operated in Africa and Mid east countries. But all of them did not have any relationship with Dynsec. Possibily SIG?

Anonymous said...

It is a one-man operation. The owner and his wife run it from home. They rely totally on the skills of third party contractors to provide the necessary input for training and leads for potential work. The relationship does not always work due the lack of integrity on the part of the owner. Hence the high turnover of mentors and trainees. If you check out his EP books, you will note that the majority of input comes from other, previously written material by more experienced personnel. High moral ethics are an essential trait to become a professional in the security industry. Dynsec just doesnt cut it.