Tuesday, August 7, 2007

From Jungles to Deserts: Latin Americans in the War on Terror

If a Latin American gets 'cut down' in Iraq does America hear it? No, not even the faintest sound is heard. Should this be the case? Currently Private Military Armies (PMA's) are recruiting their 'talent pool' from Latin American countries.In an attempt to maximize their profits and minimize their losses, these private armies view Latin Americans as cheap labor.....Cheap soldiers...semi trained...Low OVERHEAD.

Que pasa? Latin Americans are in Iraq and Afghanistan? They sure Are! In fact, their numbers are swelling due to the savvy marketing and recruiting schemes of these private armies.
"Ads seeking former members of the armed forces and police officers interested in working as security personnel in exchange for "excellent wages" began to appear in newspapers in Lima...Hundreds of people applied.
The ads were run by Triple Canopy, a private security and special operations firm founded in 2003 in the state of Illinois by former members of the U.S. army's elite Delta Force. (currently headquartered in Virginia) Thanks to the company's contacts in the George W. Bush administration, it quickly won lucrative contracts with the State Department." Angel Paez, IPS
Whereas the U.S. military must enlist American citizens, PMA's are on a different playing field. A field that lacks rules and oversight from the American public. Vieled as 'national security' these companies have been awarded the same priviliges as Meirs, Rove, Gonzales, Gooding, etc. Sorry America....Back off...its 'national security'..can't tell you.

This is propostorous. Not only are we outsourcing this entire war of terror, but we're sending the very people we want to keep out of America to fight on its behalf. Has H.W.'s and Ollie North's Iran/Contra connections finally paid off?
"The private security personnel began to be hired in Chile in October by local representatives of Blackwater, former Chilean military personnel who according to the magazine Qué Pasa work, directly or indirectly, for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The hir
ed Chilean soldiers make up less than one percent of the 15,000 mercenaries who have been sent to Iraq since the occupation began, and who, as a group, represent the second-largest military force in that country, outnumbered only by the 134,000 U.S. forces. The troops from Britain, the United States' largest coalition partner,number around 9,000."Gustavo González, IPS
Just like any other BUSINESS, these companies need growth to stay afloat. They need new markets to stay profitable. Expansion is a necessity. Supplies will be increased, 'contractors' hired, and new battlefields sought. The local talent is tapped...New talent awaits south
of the boarder.
Gary Jackson, president of Blackwater, told the Chilean newspaper La Tercera that the contract awarded by the George W. Bush administration for providing security services in Iraq was a fantastic business opportunity for his company.
Jim Sierawski, the company's director of training, explained the advantages of hiring former Chilean commandos, who have received specialised military training preparing them to carry out a broad range of missions. "
Gustavo González, IPS
These PMA's are not the way for US to fight our battles. We already have a nation state military. Do we really need/want these corporate private military armies marching around the world?....guarding the Green Zone, entering Darfur, purchasing land and establishing training facilities all around the U.S.? There is a bigger problem on the horizon. Democrazy subverted. Goodbye Nation. Welcome to our NeW hOmeland.

Blackwater USA Magazine Advertisement

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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