Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Meeting Resistance" Trailer: What if America was Invaded?

"MEETING RESISTANCE", is by far the most provocative documentary to come out of the Iraq war debacle. Directors Steve Connors' and Molly Bingham have given the world unfettered access into the realities of war from the "insurgents mindset" of the American "occupation". In their own words, the "insurgents", give an emotional account of how the American invasion drove them to stand up and fight for their country.
"MEETING RESISTANCE" focuses on eight "insurgents", each with his or her own tale and reasons for opposing the American-led occupation.... The film witnesses how they began to organize themselves, reveals why they have decided to violently oppose the occupation of the country, and hears in their words the underlying ideological foundation to fight." Electronic Media Press Kit
"Their personal stories as well as their ideological ones are at once dramatic, eye-opening, and concerning..they challenge the notion that those opposing the occupation are simply "dead enders," "common criminals", Al Qaeda operatives" and "die hard Ba'athis"
view the documentary trailer and become speechless as I have. We all owe Steve Conners' and Molly Bingham a debt of gratitude for producing such a brilliant documentary. For offering US a glimpse into the REAL IRAQ. "we all bleed the same"...the world weeps together. We must end this OCCUPATION.

Meeting Resistance Trailer

Producer Daniel J Chalfen
Editor David Emanuele
current screenings in LA? Call 213.617.0268
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DetainThis said...

Yes. A much-needed and belated documentary. Hats off to the brave and compassionate souls who put it together.

And to those who will say it is un-American to show sympathy for the Iraqi resistance, I say it is un-American to invade a country and carpet-bomb and belligerently occupy its people and then turn around and expect them NOT to resist (as if we Americans wouldn't do the same or worse against an unwelcomed occupier).

Nice one, NS.

This regime occupying Washington D.C. WILL vanish from the page of time.