Friday, August 3, 2007

4th Branch addresses Dennis Kucinich and Impeachment

In an astounding and rare press conference, VP Dick Cheney, has decided to address the growing impeachment movement throughout the country. Highlights of the event came when Cheney personally addressed Congressman Dennis Kucinich during his speech.
Cheney exclaimed,
"...and for you, Dennis, haven't you noticed all the 'I don't recalls' coming out of this administration lately. Once the 4th Branch speaks, nobody remembers. Got it. I suggest that you do the same. Back off with all your 'talk' of impeachment. I can't be impeached, you fool. I'm not even part of the executive. 'I have one foot in both camps'. I run this town, this country, this HOMELAND. Its mine."
As the FOX news crew scrambled...Cheney elaborated,
"Perhaps you should get your impeachment buddies and join me on a hunting trip. I suppose we could hatch out our differences on the open range in TX. Harry, enjoyed his trip last year...I believe you 'fellas would enjoy it as well."
After the brief statements, Cheney was seen getting on his Segway and cruising the White House grounds drinking from an oil can. After carefully surveying the grounds he made his way to the White House Gates and started shouting his trade mark phrase as the tourists gathered.
"F#@k off...all of you. The 4th Branch is not an elected position. I was chosen. I chose myself, perhaps if ya'll had a lil' money your voice would be heard. Until then...pray my buddies don't find any oil in your backyards...if so...We'll be there..with my private army in tow. You don't stand a chance..Your democrazy has been subverted. Now go home and watch Law & Order...I've had Fred auditioning for years...his time has come"
Pressed with questions from the crowd,Cheney turned, flipped off the crowd and peeled out with his erie grin.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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