Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rolling the Dice: Bush foreign policy

Upon reading this article on my mind wandered into the netherworld. You've been warned.

The most powerful nations in the world have given a raised middle finger to Africa. They've decided that Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Madonna, George Clooney, and Leo DiCaprio are, good enough, 'conciliatory' ambassadors for the the western world to the continent of Africa..and to a lessor extent, the planet.

Hell, Ted Turner is paying down the United States neglected/past UN's way too much money..I can't remember how much, but I'm sure it's enough to feed, clothe, and shelter every homeless individual in America.

The 'tanks' are running on Empty. Is 'celebrity diplomacy' and sub ' machine gun' contractors all the Bush Cabal have left in their arsenal of foreign policy/diplomacy? This lame duck administration is rapidly becoming even more pathetic. Richard Armitage said it best,
"We're playing foreign policy at the moment like five-year- olds play soccer, everyone is going after the ball at once rather than cover the whole field...Right now, we're just so preoccupied with Iraq that we're ignoring Asia totally."
The Australian 9/3/07
The world watches as genocide is being committed in the Sudan and the world's ONLY HEGEMON sits idly by and dismisses it for 'blood oil'. We are all being screwed...deceived. The horrid Iraq/n debacle is cannibalizing all our so called 'experts'. The worse is yet to come. More will be devoured after the Petraeus 'ASSESSMENT' is delivered by either former, current, or past deputies of PNAC members.

What's that they say...'Birds of a feather flock together'. Well, prepare for the unified 'wings' to flap. Partynut said it best, Gen. "BetrayUS", will become the current fall guy.

But who exactly do the wings consist of? Is the next, soon to be 'fall guy' , what's his name, Gen. Bergner, or some crap like that. You know...the guy, the 'good ol' boy' who for the longest time was the MILITARY DEPUTY liaison of ELLIOTT ABRAMS, a leading neocon 'pseudo brilliant, corruptive, subversive mind', or as FOX news calls them..experts. Bergner's recent assignment to Iraq seems Bush/Cheney/Machiavellian to me. It's my assumption that Bergner's hand prints will be all over the Petraeus Pre-assessment-ASSESSMENT-Sept.'surge' Report before, we the people, actually receive it. I'm sure it will be 'fair and balanced'.

Oh yeah, Abrams is also a signature of that horrible piece of 'preemptive' crap called PNAC. Bergner 's presence in Iraq will undoubtedly have had a prominent voice in 'BetrayUs's assessment.
Special note: United States v. Elliot Abrams : Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Affairs, August 4, 1993.
These guys are pathetic.. To them....the citizenry of the United States are like room temperature M & M's in their hands....they melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Only problem is, They taste like $hit and leave an awful aftertaste in your mouth.

They've given US nothing but a sour taste in our mouths and collective heartburn. IMPEACH. When is enough, ENOUGH?

500 more days of subversion could mean the end of our already 'usurped' democrazy. Don't let 9/11 and the 'national security threat' bring US eternally into their new HOMELAND.'s's patriotic.

What is so harmful with finally giving PEACE a chance?

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Recent Post: Senator Chuck Hagel's Perfect Timing. ...and he thought he had US fooled.
Request TRANSPARENCY in government.

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