Saturday, September 15, 2007

Goodbye, Good Riddance, Pathetic Alberto Gonzales

The little bastard's gone. I don't know any other way to say it. He resigned...he walked away. On Friday, Sept. 14th, Alberto Gonzales silently slipped away from the Department of Justice wearing a devilish little grin. If you were watching the nightly news you might not have even noticed. Pathetic

This little beep,beep,beep ( that was hard I really wanted to let go) just gave the American People a big FU. The man who 'w' raised from an infantile lil' law school grad to the Attorney General of the United States...just slipped away.

Impossible. He was supposed to end up behind bars. Censured, impeached..anything, but he wasn't just supposed to walk away. Where is the coverage? Where is the OUTRAGE?

The man who knowingly politicized the Justice Department, provided a 'firewall' between the executive and Americka, illegally solicited Ashcroft in his hospital room, Abu Ghraib, approved wire tapping, Guantanemo, Cheney's water boarding torture, the insane claim of enemy combatants, passed all Bush signing statements, Presidential directives, had enough ' i don't recall moments' under oath in contemporary history to have been convicted in the new OJ 'personal sting' case....Yet..He...just walked away.

No giant media loving (CSPAN doesn't really count) Democratic representative outrage. Nothing. As if nothing occurred. I can't believe it. He screwed our Nation. Screwed US all....All with that lil smug smile that he wore on his face at his CSPAN broadcast 'farewell and FU' to America. You did well you little deviant beep, beep. You accomplished everything you shouldn't have. History will prove US right. You're a partisan idiot who sold out America for a pathetic Presidency who is establishing a 'homeland' and deconstructing our nation. A man who trampled on the constitution, 'secretly' signed away our civil rights and gave 'w' a dictatorship.

Idiot. They'll never let you in their club. Your just another 'useful' tool of subversion. Poor, poor, Gonzo...may your demons follow you.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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