Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering History: Sept. 10, 2001 The Last Day of Our Nation

This is a repost of mine that I believe deserves another posting. Especially today.

Now that the Administration and the US mainstream press have calmed down over touting of the new multi billion-dollar military sales package for Arab nations and Israel, its time to take a step back and realize what we've just done. This unique video mash up is of former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld lambasting the previous spending and accounting practices at the Pentagon. He states.."Its 'terrifying'.". .. and that the Department of Defense and the Pentagon will need a complete restructuring with the cooperation of Congress to provide proper oversight and manage the financial aspects of the institution.

It's amazing, just one day before the events of 9/11, Congress and the media were beginning to ramp up their coverage on a report that the Defense Department 'misplaced' 2.3 Trillion dollars of taxpayers money. Six years later.. an estimated 40 cents of every dollar spent on the war on terror goes to secretive sub 'machine gun' contractors and outsourced intelligence agencies with absolutely no oversight. Worse yet, we are now publicly arming the enemies of our enemies...again. Prepare for the impending 'blowback'.

9/10/2001 was the end of an era. It changed everything. It was, as Francis Fukuyama had previously written , The End of History, without the cheery ending with liberal western democracies winning out. 9/12/2001 was the first day of our NeWhOmeland. A place where military spending is abundant, lucrative contracts secretive, wiretapping legal, torture allowed, renditions abound, the constitution trampled, our rights subverted, Free speech denied, censorship applied....What have we done? All in the name of 'national security'..WHY?

We're not protecting our NATION, but defending the Bush Cabal fear mongering, militaristic, state. Don't let our NATION slip into the annals history and emerge as this crazed Homeland based on's TYRANNY

Watch the video and listen to what our Senators WERE saying. Listen to their disgust of military spending.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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