Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pakistan: 'Bush Whacking' Democracy in less than 15 Days

The summer in Pakistan has been wild. First off, its election time. Musharraf who installed himself as President after a bloodless coup in 1999, is running AGAIN despite the reality that he can not. This has thrown Pakistan into complete chaos.

In a pathetic attempt to stay in power Musharraf is subverting democracy in every way possible. September has been full of confusion on the micro level, but on the macro level it's easy to see the subversion in action.
In effect, while Musharraf does a Lalu on his country, Negroponte is doing a Honduras on Pakistan. Times of India 9/15
Pakistan is critical to the war on terror. The United States must keep Musharraf in power or the entire 'network' on the war on terror breaks down. So, what is their strategy? In short..subversion..check this out.

Nawaz Sharif declares he's coming back to Pakistan. This leads Saudi Arabia and the United States to send their top officials to Pakistan IMMEDIATELY. While in Pakistan the situation was tense awaiting Sharif's moves. Would he actually get on the plane?
an official said last night "There are crisis meetings going on around the clock. No final decision has been made. It probably won't be made until the last minute... "Let's see first whether Sharif gets on the plane. We've then got eight hours to decide." The Australian 9/10
Sharif's announcement led Pakistan anti terror courts sent out a message that they were preparing VIP prison cells for Sharif's arrival. Sharif's brother was accused of murder charges and faced imprisonment if he came back with his brother. Undeterred by the threats, Sharif boarded a plane and headed to Pakistan on Sept 10th.
"My ambition is very clear, I have to take Pakistan back to the rule of democracy, because unless we have this, we will continue to be in a state of mess as we are today," he [Sharif] told reporters on the plane as they waited for takeoff. Reuters 9/10
While in the air, Musharraf cracked down on his supporters and sealed the airport. When Sharif landed his plane was boarded...he was taken into custody...and sent to Saudi Arabia for another 3 years in exile. Problem solved, right?

Nope. Sharif has roughly 160 million supporters...Supporters of DEMOCRACY. They want honest representation. They want Sharif. If not Sharif, Bhutto will do. But this is another problem all together. This has completely threatened Musharraf and forced him to take dramatic measures to stay in power.

Musharraf has done everything possible in a extremely short time. From broken down power sharing agreements with Bhutto, to stating that he will be elected by HIS government, not the new.

In the most recent turn of events, the courts, who are no friend to Musharraf, have stated that he can not hold both the army Chief title and Presidency concurrently....funny thing is, according to the Pakisani constitution...if Musharraf resigns from his military post he would be ineligible to run for political office for 2 years. This would effectively render his election bid USELESS. So what did they come up with...

They've suggested having his wife run for President and he stay on as Army chief. This brings us to another rather peculiar situation. His wife Sehba has no political experience. NONE. She is Harvard educated, has lived in London for 8 years and their sons in the United States. Chicago, I believe. This arrangement was quickly dismissed though. But...

If this situation does occur, it would bring about the 'battle of the wives' . You see after Sharif was RE-exiled on the 10th, Kulsoom Sharif, said she would 'follow in the footsteps of his[Nawaz] footsteps' and bring the 'oxygen of democracy' to a people asphyxiating under a dictatorship.' Later adding 'I will see how they will stop me'..'I am not under the same restrictions as Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif.

It's unbelievable what is occurring. Just remember..this all has occurred in roughly 15 days! Musharraf, under the advice of Negroponte and Boucher are completely 'bushwhacking' democracy in Pakistan.
The mastermind of this Made-in-USA arrangement is said to be former intelligence czar and Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, who is credited with managing delicate regime changes in Latin America.

Negroponte and his state department colleague, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, were very much in the picture in Islamabad when the Musharraf regime forcibly deported Nawaz Sharif with help from Bush ally, the House of Sad, in contravention of the Supreme Court ruling
Times of India 9/15
and today, Sept gets much more interesting. Reuters is reporting a new Osama Bin Laden video where he 'Declares war on Musharraf and the Pakistani army.'

I guess somebody was paying attention...Bin Laden. Pakistan is being 'bush whacked'.

video: Bhutto predicts 'upheaval' without proper elections.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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