Thursday, September 20, 2007

ARE you Kidding? France recieves contract for Nuclear Power plant in Libya

This one blows my mind. Here we go.

The entire world is in upheaval over the 'nuclear option'. Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Syria, China..everyone is in on it. But here is what's odd. We all agree whether it is for electrical purposes, desalination, or for weaponisation...Nuclear capabilities still prove to be the answer of last resort. Solar, wind, thermal...anything besides nuclear.

Yet we press on..and France is as close to the forefront in nuclear technology as anyone. A French company was just awarded the contract to build the new steel cover over Chernobyl and now we find out that another French based company Areva sealed a deal with Libya to build a nuclear power plant.
During a visit to Libya by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in late July, the leaders signed a memorandum of understanding that would allow French nuclear-giant Areva to build a nuclear power plant there [Libya].

from another article, the Germans weigh in...

Reinhard Buetikofer, accused Sarkozy of "reckless, nationalistic activism" and called the deal "highly questionable in security policy terms."

The Gadhafi regime gave up its nuclear weapons program only four years ago. The deal comes just days after Libya released five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor accused of deliberately infecting several hundred children with HIV.

That's right. France is building a nuclear desalination plant for Muammar Gaddafi. France the country of who just publicly warned Iran with bombardment about her pursuit of 'nuclear intentions' is providing assistance to a country who only four years ago was part of the 'extended' axis of evil, Libya. France..Freedom fries..France.

I find this appalling. The man who Reagan hit with air strikes in 1986, gave us Lockerbie, had ACTUAL WMD stockpiles has became part of the 'crew'.

Our enemies from yesterday are our BFF today. Is four years of being the obedient step child of the west long enough? I don't believe so.

The war of terror continues to make odd bedfellows.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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