Monday, September 10, 2007

All Hell has broken loose in Pakistan: Sharif just got 'Bushwhacked'

All hell is breaking loose in Pakistan.

President Pervez Musharraf is about to face his demons. Which in turn means the entire 'war of terror network' is in panic mode. On Thursday, exiled former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that he would be returning to Pakistan to bring the country back to the people.
"I and my brother Shahbaz are going back to Pakistan on September 10 and that will be the day of people's victory" stated Sharif
His statement led to a wild frenzy of US, Saudi Arabian, and UK high ranking officials who had flown in and cooped themselves up trying to save Musharraf and prevent Sharif from returning. Both Negroponte ( MUST READ LINK ) and Boucher flew in.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah sent his two most important advisers - intelligence boss Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz and Saad Hariri
the [Musharraf]President awaited the arrival of US deputy secretary of state John Negroponte and South Asian under-secretary of State Richard Boucher

Diplomatic sources in Islamabad said yesterday the two officials would tell General Musharraf that he must do all that's required to reach agreement with Ms Bhutto.

"They're absolutely determined on this agreement, seeing it as the only way to stop the rot and halt the Talibanisation of the country," a senior diplomat said yesterday. Bruce Loudon 9/8/07

an official said last night "There are crisis meetings going on around the clock. No final decision has been made. It probably won't be made until the last minute... "Let's see first whether Sharif gets on the plane. We've then got eight hours to decide." Bruce Loudon 9/10/07
Musharraf and his cronies started to game plan. Saudi Arabia even offered asylum if Sharif wouldn't return. First, on Friday, they sent out a message that they had prepared a VIP prison cell for Sharif and then the anti terrorism unit issued an arrest warrant for his brother on supposed murder charges. The whole thing is a disaster and they know it. In a last ditch effort, Musharraf had even sealed off the airport awaiting his arrival. They even had plans to stop his plane from refueling in Dubai. They've tried everything.
The government banned political rallies, arrested hundreds of opposition officials and declared an airport "terror alert" in an effort to scotch plans by Sharif supporters for a rousing welcome. Guardian

Meetings of more than five people have been banned and security heightened at the international airport where Mr Sharif, accompanied by a huge entourage, is expected to land aboard a commercial Gulf Airways flight at 5pm (AEST) today.
So how has it all ended. Breaking from the Guardian...
The former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif was today deported from the country shortly after he arrived in Islamabad They nabbed him the second he landed.

Police commandos entered the aircraft and surrounded the moving staircase after Mr Sharif landed on a Pakistan International Airlines flight from London. A civilian helicopter was waiting 100 metres away, its rotors spinning.

Ninety minutes after the flight landed there was no sign of Mr Sharif or any other passengers.

The war on terror continues....the neocon subversion persists. Sharif just got 'bushwhacked'. The US and Pakistan knew that Sharif, who has the support of millions, would be the biggest blow to the war OF terror. Even more so than the expected failure of the 'Petraeus ASSESSMENT' on ESCALATION. BushCO needs Musharraf..and now its proven that he needs them too. This event can be seen as ANOTHER coup on Sharif! They did it to the same guy twice! Ridiculous. I wonder how the US press is going to play this one out...if at all. This is classic Bush family subversion at its finest/lowest. All to keep the profits rolling...the oil flowing...and the Carlyle/Haliburton military industrial complex churning. Welcome to the Homeland. IMPEACH.

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