Thursday, September 20, 2007

AFRICOM: In the Hands of Wolfowitz

September 20th...Where is your Wolfowitz?

He's screwing Africa that's where. Today, The American Enterprise Institute is having a closed door meeting named, AFRICOM: Implications for African Securtiy and U.S.- African Relations. Do we really want the man who helped BushCo seduce the nation into war with Iraq leading the way into Africa? I don't believe so.

September 20, AEI is holding a conference on the U.S. military's new Africa Command (AFRICOM) to discuss the forms the security partnership should take to protect U.S. interests. Also of concern is China's activity and long-term strategy on the continent, the subject of a September 12 AEI conference organized by Mauro De Lorenzo. Other AEI scholars, including Roger Bate, continue to the examine foreign aid and pharmaceutical policies affecting public health in Africa. Paul Wolfowitz will be focusing on development issues in Africa.

AEI press release

Speakers at this AEI conference will address some of the major questions raised by AFRICOM�s creation: What are U.S. interests in Africa, and what forms of security partnership will protect them most effectively? How does Africa define its own security priorities, and what forms of U.S. engagement does it find most valuable? Does this signal a fundamental shift away from a primarily humanitarian foreign policy toward Africa to a more �normal� policy based on mutual interests and common threats?

8:30 a.m.
Registration and Breakfast


Panel I: What�s New about AFRICOM and What�s Not?

Gen. James L. Jamerson, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Lockheed Martin Corporation

Theresa M. Whelan, U.S. Department of Defense

Paul Wolfowitz, AEI

Thomas Donnelly, AEI
Wolfowitz and his other lunatic PNAC cronies should keep their paws off Africa. The formation of AFRICOM is quickly becoming a highly controversial issue in both the US and abroad. The establishment of AFRICOM is of growing geopolitical concern due to the continents large oil and gas reserves and China's increasing presence on the continent.
“Natural resources represent Africa's current and future wealth, but in an open-market environment, many benefit,” she continued. “Ironically, the U.S., China, and other countries share a common interest -- that of a secure environment in Africa, and that's AFRICOM's objective. defenselink

Whelan insisted that Africom was being created mainly to rationalise US international military command structures, as different African countries now fell under three different US military commands.
Abdullah Alzubedi, Libya's ambassador to South Africa, asked Whelan how the US could divide the world up into its own military commands. Wasn't that for the United Nations to do? he asked. And if China, say, decided also to create an Africa Command, would that not cause conflict?
Peter Fabricius
Is Africa becoming the 'sand box' of choice for another proxy war?

Under the recommendations of Wolfowitz and his AEI cronies, the program will undoubtedly take a militaristic view. They will deem it necessary to provide assistance to their 'long war' of terror. Their [Wolfowitz,PNAC,AEI,neocons] view on the world, known as 'Bush diplomacy' is accomplished through preemption. By acting first and dealing with questions later. They will militarize the continent. It will fall into two camps. The east vs. the west.

Africa has been neglected by the world for decades..and now everyone takes interest...It's because of their's always about the oil

Wolfowitz' lack of judgement has a long record. Everything this man touches screws the world and benefits relatively few. Don't let the US fall into another Wolfman Trap.

His 'planning' already proved catastrophic for the Middle East. He Failed at the IMF. Should he really be 'planning' for the entire continent of Africa? He is not an expert. He is a neo con hack. He is a criminal.

Shall we remember the words of 40 of his collegues at the IMF..his last 'employer'
"There is only one way for Wolfowitz to further the mission of the bank: He should resign. He has damaged his own credibility on good governace." BBC
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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