Friday, September 7, 2007

More musing from the APEC 'motorcade' pranksters

Unleashed on the world, the Chasers scored the greatest security blunder of APEC 2007. Blackhawk helicopters, f-16's, gun ships, a water cannon truck, biometrics, an enormous security wall...Sydney, for 21 heads of government, was to be 150 million dollars worth of security bliss...Not anymore. Apparently Sydney wasn't protected from comedians. We've all seen the 'motorcade' video by now. But have you seen the other APEC musing of the Chasers. Check out their other pranks during the summit.

The Chasers other Pranks at APEC 2007

Chasers on American Presidential Candidates

Other Chasers videos
On Terrorist security responses.
On Evangelicals
Al Qaeda Scorecard/ Airport Security
McDonalds Upsell. They order everything

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