Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Curse of George Bush and his Constantly RElabeled 'Enemy'

Five months ago I noticed something odd. It was impossible to turn of the television without hearing about the 'insurgents' recent attacks, their new beheading, botched plans, etc. Then 'boom' everything changed overnight. The people we were fighting became known as elusive "Al Qaeda" . Soon after the relabeling occurred they were relabeled again. This time they became known as Al Qaeda 2.0..or most commonly known as "Al Qaeda in Iraq".

Who is our enemy in November? Is it still AQI , or someone new? Are they insurgents again? Armed insurgents? Militants? Armed Militants? Al Qaeda in Iraq? The Taleban? Islamo facists? Terrorists? the PKK? Iranians? ...who is our revolving 'enemy' now?

Everyday our national media have referenced them as the above names. They interchange them as if they are the same people unified under the common 'cause' of waging Osama's global jihad . Are they? Hmm. I'm thinking not.

If we're going to fight this, war? We better define Who the 'enemy' is? Without that..we've lost. Are they all the same people or are they what 2008 GOP Presidential candidate, Fred "lazy" Thompson calls them, " A bunch of kids with IEDs "

Who is our enemy now?

Same Players. Different Scandal.


Anonymous said...

Read Justin Frank's updated edition of "Bush on the Couch". It explains why, as part of his psychological illness, Bush has to keep creating new enemies to demonize.

News Sophisticate said...

Are you supposing that I believe what Franks has to say? Because I don't.

In Franks analysis, All what Bush does is because his little sister, Robin died at an early age. He ties this to his parents not telling him which led 'w' into a life of misery, self loathing, and his complete disrespect for others view of him or the world.

He goes on about how Bush suffers from wanting to Drink, but "can't"...etc. To Franks...all of George Bush's faults are because of his sisters death and mommy and daddy not telling him.

Come on now..are you kidding? Franks attempts to explain away Bush's 'attitude', but instead ends up DEFENDING them with an analysis that is supposed to make, in my opinion, sad and relate to him.

The Bush family and the "class of elitest" don't represent American mores. They are part of another America.

I think Franks would have been better off saying Bush is the way he is because he got bit by a tick and has Lyme disease or something.

We could've both spent our times reading more informative material.