Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do you want $1 million Dollars? Prove the "Swiftboaters" were wrong on Kerry

Jump on the boat. The Swift boat liars who attacked Sen. John Kerry are offering a rare "competition". If one can prove that the "swifters" claims against Kerry in the 2004 Presidential race are lies, they WILL earn $1 million dollars from Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, a major contributor to the swift boat campaign.

The funny part, John Kerry, himself, has taken up Pickens' on his "bet".

From the Houston Chronicle,
"While I am prepared to show they lied on allegation after allegation, you have generously offered to pay one million dollars for just one thing that can be proven false," Kerry wrote to Pickens. "I am prepared to prove the lie beyond any reasonable doubt."
"It's beyond me; it's important for all the vets who served with me, who cared about it, whose own records were lied about. The problem is, it's the way they operate on the other side, and we have to end swift-boating forever. The way to do that is to have this public accounting."

I hope he "proves" Pickens wrong. In response to Kerry's claims to the $1 Million dollar prize. Pickens has stated that Kerry needs to provide all documentation of his military service. Hmm, Is this because Pickens knows he lied? I believe so. Pickens wants more "dirt".

Pickens wrote Friday in a letter faxed to Kerry, "I am certainly open to your challenge," but he said he would not pay Kerry unless the senator first provided him with copies of his wartime journals, as well as movies he shot while on patrol and his complete military records for 1971 to 1978.

"When you have done so, if you can then prove anything in the ads was materially untrue, I will gladly award $1 million. As you know, I have been a long and proud supporter of the American military and veterans' causes," Pickens wrote.

He also proposed a counter-challenge: "If you cannot prove anything in the Swift Boat ads to be untrue, that you will make a $1 million gift to the charity I am choosing — the (Congressional) Medal of Honor Foundation."
Go get that million, John. They dragged your name through the dirt and ruined your reputation. Sic 'em John! Don't let the GOP LIARS win this battle. Take out your big guns and shoot 'em down.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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