Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ding,ding ROUND II: Hugo Chavez demands King of Spain Apologize...or else

Isn't it amusing, Venezuelan 'President' Hugo Chavez has a vicious mouth when it comes to attacking his opponents, but when they turn the tables on him he shrivels up like a little baby and cries foul. On Saturday, Nov. 10th, the King of Spain told Chavez to "shut up" at a summit of leaders from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal...3 days later Chavez has decided he 'needs' and apology from the King or face his retribution in the form of business ties and investments with his country.

Here are a few excerpts from various Reuters article,
"The king lost it," Chavez said at a late-night political rally. "He should say, '... I, the king, confess, I was beside myself, I made a mistake.'"
"Whatever has been privatized can be taken back, we can take it back," Chavez said earlier at a news conference. "If the government of Spain or the state of Spain ... start to generate a conflict, things are not going to go well." Reuters, 11/13
"We do not want to hurt ties, but right now I am conducting a detailed review of the political, diplomatic and economic ties with Spain," the Cuban ally told local television.

"This means Spanish companies are going to have to show what their businesses are doing. I am going to take a look and see what's happening in those companies," he added.

and now for the Spanish reaction to Hugos' threats....
"(The comments) of the Venezuelan president, especially referring to Spanish companies, do not help us find a way out of the disagreement," Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said. "The Spanish government keeps stressing respect, respect. Respect for Spanish institutions, respect for Spanish firms." Reuters, 11/14
My goodness. Chavez respects no one. Expect this confrontation to escalate quickly. Nobody better tell the 'King of Venezuela' to "shut up", he goes nuts. Perhaps he should listen. When asked about his 69 changes to the Venezuelan Constitution that essentially gives him eternal rule and the ability to appoint anyone he chooses, he responded,
"Four questions you've come up with there, quite a few. What should I do?" he asked the reporter giggling. "You know what? Why don't you shut up?" Reuters 11/13
Don't be fooled by Chavez. He is not a man of the people. He is solidifying his power, nationalizing education, utilities, oil, and the telecom industries, banning NGO's, rewriting history, limiting freedom of speech, subverting the courts, exploiting U.S./Iranian relations, etc. He is no friend to America. No Friend to Latin America...and no Friend to the World. He is no "populist". He's just another self 'elected' subverter of democracy. He is a tyrant!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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