Saturday, November 10, 2007

Biden joins Edwards..asks for Public Campaign Finance Funds

If nobody wants to contribute to your presidential campaign, by choice, what do you do? If you're Sen. Joseph Biden, you 'march on' by asking for Public Campaign Finance funds.

From Reuters,
Biden, who has raised $8.2 million for his bid and has spent about $6.3 million, submitted paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to qualify for government matching funds to help him compete in what will likely be the most expensive U.S. presidential campaign in history.
"We are taking every step to ensure that we will have the necessary resources to compete in Iowa and the other early states," said Luis Navarro, Biden's campaign manager.
The Delaware senator's campaign said it would decide over the next month whether to accept the money.
They will. Biden needs to keep is profile high. He's going to be Hillary's VP..just watch. (prediction due to his Yale connections. Yale alumni have been in the Oval Office for 28 consecutive years. Why stop now?)

Biden has credentials, but no support. Poor, poor, Biden. Do US all a favor. Drop out! You've already spent your 'supporters' money. Don't spend ours!'re not worthy.

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Same Players. Different Scandal.

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