Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do you live on top on Bombs? Vista Lakes homeowners in Orlando do

Bombs, bombs, bombs...everywhere you tread..bombs, bombs, bombs. What would you do if the half million dollar home you purchased was built on top of bomb laden soil? This is the very question that Vista Lakes homeowners in Orlando, FL are facing.

From the Orlando Sentinel,
World War II-era bombs, bomb fragments and related contamination could be mixed in with the soil used to fill in swamps, make berms and level the ground for homes, a school and roads, records from the Army Corps of Engineers and county planning office show.
"There very well could be bomb material all over the place, anywhere out here," he said. "We want to know what's going to be done about it, and frankly we're not hearing a lot of answers."
An agreement between developers, builders and owners, signed in 1999, sets out the legal permission for the builders to take and use dirt dug up from the old bomb range for two major roads: the Lee Vista Boulevard extension and the Econlockhatchee Trail extension.
The agreement allows the builders to use the excavated dirt and sand anywhere else needed in the neighborhood.

Aerial photographs taken before and after development show that at least four ponds or small lakes were created on land inside the known boundaries of the Army range.
Resident William Dore, who bought his $520,000 home a year ago in Vista Lakes, wants to know when the corps will look for bombs in the Windsor area.

"Yes, they should check the school right away, but when are they going to come to our neighborhoods?" he asked. "Why are they spending all that time out in the pasture land? Are they more worried about cows than people?

"We want them to tell us when they're going to start searching [our neighborhoods]. What is their schedule? What is it that they even need in terms of manpower and resources? But they aren't telling us," he said. "Frankly, it's not going well."
Pathetic. Profits and greed always win against the concerns of the homeowner. Bomb laden soil used as "fill"? We aren't safe anywhere. Who is looking out for US? What about the health concerns? What about the increased rates of illnesses due to "bomb material"? This is ridiculous. Dirt is everywhere...why get your "dirt" from a bombing range? This makes absolutely no sense at all. I see a class action lawsuit in the works. Cheap bastards should have to pay. They have endangered the lives of the homeowners, their children, and our future.

Watch a few videos of this 'situation'

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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