Thursday, November 8, 2007

The FY '08 Defense Appropriations: $4.9 Billion in far

Yikes. Have you seen this report? H.R. 3222 is the newly released conference report on how much money you and I are placing into the piggy bank of the Department of Defense in '08. Included in the report are 2,049 earmarks totaling an estimated value of $4.9 Billion dollars. My goodness!

According to Bill Allison's blog,a source on the Hill emailed him with a few concerns, stating,
"[the report] contains a massive number of earmarks – 2,049 to be exact." I'm going to round the figures somewhat (they were calculated on the fly) but total cost of the earmarks is $4.9 billion. Included are 24 new earmarks costing about $59 million that were “airdropped” into the conference report. "These e armarks were considered by neither the House nor the Senate and were immaculately conceived in the conference report," he says.
Special props to Bill Allison and source. Thank you. Now the question remains...Who's earmarked what? Let's take a brief tour of the top earmark 'contributors',

First, courtesy of Earmark Watch, a map of where they are located

Hmm. Pretty Concentrated, eh...and now for the top earmark loving Representatives,
Rep. Murtha (D-PA) $166,500,000

Rep. Lewis (R-CA) $112,000,000

Rep. Kingston (R-GA) $72,187,000

Rep. Young (R-FL) $143,200,000

Rep. Visclosky (D-IN) $53,500,000

Rep. Moran (D-VA) $47,000,000
Want to know what your Representative earmarked? Find out HERE. I warn's addicting. You'll spend a lot of time there.

What a complete waste of OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

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