Saturday, November 10, 2007

Doesn't this scare the Hell out of you? F- 35 Helmet

The above picture is of the new helmet designed for use with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Scares the poop right out of me. Yikes. Star Wars meets Riot Cop..scary.

Anyway. "The Helmet", is "a vision into the future"...and the future is NOW. (Special note, the helmet is for the next generation aircraft, not the f 22, but the f 35),
Unlike modern fast jet aircraft the Joint Strike Fighter, which is planned to replace the famous Harrier, does not have a ‘traditional’ head-up display – instead the computerized symbology (not a word) is displayed directly onto the pilot’s visors.

This Helmet Mounted Display System provides the pilot with cues for flying, navigating and fighting the aircraft. It will even superimpose infra-red imagery onto the visor which allows the pilot to ‘look through’ the cockpit floor at night and see the world below. (pretty cool)
The highly advanced Joint Strike Fighter, which is being built by Lockheed Martin, is planned to replace the RAF and RN’s Harriers. UK MoD, Defense News
From a different source,
The headgear being developed for the new, American-built F35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) will display navigation and targeting information on the inside of the pilot’s visor.

Precision head tracking software will allow pilots to "see through" the cockpit floor, with infra-red images of the ground below, during day or night time, being beamed in front of their eyes.
The helmet mounted display system is being developed by California-based Vision Systems International and British company Helmet Integrated Systems Limited.
"It even will superimpose infra-red imagery on to the visor to allow the pilot to look through the cockpit floor at night and see the world below.

"This is absolutely the cutting edge of technology. No other helmet will be able to do this.", a stated spokesman for the MoD Telegraph
Boo! Hehehee. Folks, the future is now..and this is what is in the pipeline. Kucinich and his UFO speak doesn't sound so crazy anymore. Does it? The "Defense" industry is moving into the "star wars" age.

Gizmodo says it best,
"The British Ministry of Defence has eliminated missiles and other projectile weapons in favor of a more open, glass covered cockpit offensive. Why? Their new tactic is to fly as close to enemy aircraft as possible while wearing this prototype helmet to make the opposition shit themselves to death. Victims won't be reincarnated as anything good either, but that's just a side effect."
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, so the Brits have to import US fighters? Too bad Britain seems unable to design and produce its own defences anymore. Gosh, if only they hadn't jobbed out all of their industries to foreigners, they might not be a laughingstock! Soon, the US will be buying fighterjets from China, too!