Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chávez Henchmen opened fire on Students at the Central University of Venezuela

The power consolidation of Hugo Chávez continues. On Wed., "Masked henchmen" in support of Chávez shot into a crowd of students at the Central University of Venezuela. The students were returning from a protest march at the Supreme Court in defiance to Chávez's 69 'changes' to the Constitution.

According to the IHT,
Masked gunmen shot into a group of students on Wednesday at this country's most prestigious university. The students were returning from a march here protesting changes to the Constitution proposed by President Hugo Chávez that could allow him to remain in power indefinitely.
At least eight people were injured in the mix of gunfire and rock-throwing at the Central University of Venezuela, including two who were shot, according to Antonio Rivero, the national director of civil protection. The violence followed a march by tens of thousands of students to the Supreme Court.
"At the moment the students arrived, they were attacked by others wearing hoods," Rivero said in comments broadcast on the radio here. "We do not know what faction they belong to," he said of the assailants.
Who else could they be associated with? Chávez wants eternal rule..this was his henchman's doing.
all of the court's 32 justices are believed to be supporters of Chávez. (just like George has)
The president's supporters also control the federal bureaucracy and every state-controlled company and are trying to exert greater control over universities (Oil America)
It must be nice to make yourself a King. One can change things at will..hmmm sounds familiar to a 'resident' we all know

The official news agency (Fox Chávez News Style) said anti-Chávez (his Democrats) students had attacked pro-Chávez (chickenhawks) students with tear gas canisters (the canisters already used on the protesters) and threatened them with lynching ( probably did).
Speaking at a land-reform ceremony in Carabobo State, Chávez said he would press ahead with campaigning for the new charter, which would abolish term limits for the president, but not for governors and mayors, and give him the authority to appoint rulers for new administrative regions to be created in the country. (sounds like King Georges' 6 year old Department of Homeland Security)
How convenient for him. Their Greed is killing US all.

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Same Players. Different Scandal.

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