Thursday, November 8, 2007

We are "Renting Democracy" and it Costs too Damn Much

Pencil Sketch Courtesy of the Searcher

I pose the questions...When did we start "Renting Democracy"? When did 'citizens' concerns become completely irrelevant to our policymakers? When did we start living on "SWAT Squad Planet"?

Easy answer: Money, Lobbyists, 911, the war on terror...Yadda, yadda. But there is something more occurring right NOW! The very essence of Democracy is being assaulted worldwide. Worse, the supposed most democratic nations on earth, the UK and U.S., are allowing/approving of it. Consider the most recent candy coated, politically correct rhetoric they are calling it in Myanmar. They're calling it "emergency rule". My A$$! Call it like it is..It's MARTIAL LAW. It doesn't taste as good as "emergency rule", but that is what it is, Martial Law.

Across the globe the 'opposition' is being dealt with by FORCE. The people who are 'protesting' for change and progress are being persecuted by the Ruling Parties. Persecuted by the Status Quo. Ridiculous.

Currently Conservative Right parties are in power and appear not interested in given any of it up. They are consolidating and ...worse, it looks like they're doing it for the 'long, haul'.

Why? In the last few months there have been constant "crackdowns". In Switzerland, Hungary, Georgia, Russia, Germany, Denmark, the U.S., the UK., Australia, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, China...and countless others. I'm not talking about silly little petty protests. In all the above countries the opposition has been met by either the military or these strange "black suited Democracy crushers". It's getting serious. We the people...the people who pay the taxes, are becoming the 'threat' or as Bush would say... " the national security threat".

We are adults. Stop treating US like children, peasants, and discarded waste. The people make up the composition of the 'nation', not our 'leaders'. Curfew my A$$'s Martial Law.

Once again, When did we start "Renting Democracy" from our 'elected' leaders?

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