Tuesday, November 6, 2007

D.C. to Beijing : US and China agree on military 'HOTLINE'

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates has gone to China and came back with a telephone. The United States already has a 'hot line' from Moscow to D.C. why not Beijing to D.C, as well.

From the VOA,
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan announced the plan for a military-to-military hot line during Gates's first visit to China as pentagon chief.

No date of operation was given, but China's official Xinhua news agency said it would be the first of its kind that China has established with another country.

From Reuters,

Beijing has previously indicated it backs a hot line, long wanted by Washington, but the project has not been realized.

U.S. officials had expected China to embrace the idea again during Gates' visit. But they said talks on finalizing the arrangements would be the true test of whether Beijing really had the political will to establish such a direct link.

Good idea. Let our military officials communicate with each other. It's far better than having our 'elected' leader offer up his 'Bush Diplomacy' to China. We don't need any missiles flying around because we 'think' one side or the other has done something. Our decent into another 'Cold War' mentality is occurring...again. Until then, China can continue to ply the world markets with their lead contaminated products, anti freeze in toothpastes, copy right infringed materials, poisoned pet food, and hack into the computers of the Pentagon and our allies. We get a "hot line".

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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