Saturday, November 10, 2007

McCain peers into Rudy's soul..sees horrible judge in character

Indicted on 14 counts of being a sleazy, corrupt, lying, cheat, Bernard Kerik, was Rudy's right hand man. Being Rudy's, other half, had its perks. From becoming Rudy's driver to New York City police commissioner to urging the WH to promote him to Homeland Security chief, Kerik was riding the Rudy wave. Not anymore...and John McCain wants everybody to know how Rudy was behind Kerik's rise. McCain is even blaming Rudy for part of the Iraq debacle.

From the AP,
Bernard Kerik did an irresponsible job training police in Iraq, presidential contender John McCain said Friday
McCain cited Kerik's relationship with his Republican presidential foe as a reason to doubt Giuliani's judgment
McCain...pointed to Kerik's performance in Iraq, along with complaints about how Giuliani treated first-responders after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, as reasons why the former mayor's presidential campaign should deserve greater scrutiny from voters.
and now from the mouth of McCain himself,
"I don't know Mr. Kerik. I do know that I went to Baghdad shortly after the initial victory and met in Baghdad with (Ambassador Paul) Bremer and (Lt. Gen. Ricardo) Sanchez. And Kerik was there. Kerik was supposed to be there to help train the police force. He stayed two months and one day left, just up and left," McCain told reporters traveling on his campaign bus.

"That's why I never would've supported him to be the head of homeland security because of his irresponsible act when he was over in Baghdad to try and help train the police. One of the reasons why we had so much trouble with the initial training of the police was because he came, didn't do anything and then went out to the airport and left." Read the entire article (it's worth it)
Oh my God! I agree with McCain. Good point, John...Rudy has a horrible judge of character. Just like Bush, he looks into peoples eyes and sees their soul. Unless that soul is corrupt..these 'men' want nothing to do with you. Rudy is just as complicit in Kerik's dirty pursuits. He is part of Giuliani as Giuliani is part of him. They are both corrupt. It's a Dog eat Dog World...let US be happy the GOP 'dogs' are beginning to eat each other.

Go Blue in '08...just not Hillary

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