Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hillary Hates Iowa. Here comes OBAMA: "Inevitability. Waning"

Another excellent drawing and commentary by The Searcher. The man has talent and foresight!
[best viewed while listening to the theme from Jaws.]

Aide: He's gaining. Some polls have him at a ten point lead in Iowa. That's a 25 point erosion in just the last month, and now clears the margin of error.
Hillary: I don't understand. We were running solidly for the last six months. What changed?
Aide: um. Nothing. Apparently that's the issue. Focus groups had us keeping you aloof and general. The more you stayed a symbolic blank slate, the more they liked you.
Hillary: So what's the problem?
Aide Well, it seems that at some point, people are looking for genuine. They want honesty, intelligence, and straightforward answers and discussion. It looks like Obama's been riding a positive wave with this strategy.
Hillary: But what about the focus groups? We tested honest and straightforward, and it tested horribly.
Aide: Uh, yes and no. We tested YOU attempting honest and straightforward. But the focus groups never bought it. Apparently genuine is more than a conversational style. And quite frankly, you made them very uncomfortable.
Hillary: So you're saying I can't stay vague symbolic, and I can't pull off honesty well enough to compete with actual honesty. So where does that leave me?
Aide: Um. well. How do feel about running for President of the Senate?
Hillary: .....

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