Saturday, December 29, 2007

VIDEO: Rudy's Dumba$$ Campaign: Open Mouth, Insert Foot..again

Rudy and his terrible crew will get US all killed. These folks never quit with their fear mongering, discriminatory, racist, Islamic fascist crap. Never. Once again, Rudy's worthless, despicable "friends" have raised concerns about his "Presidential" intentions.

Welcome, John Deady, the co-chair of state Veterans for Rudy and his penchant for babbling nonsense.
"He's got I believe the knowledge and the judgement to attack one of the most difficult problems in current history and that is the rise of the Muslims, and make no mistake about it, this hasn't happened for a thousand years. These people are very dedicated and they're also very very smart in their own way. We need to keep the feet to the fire and keep pressing these people until we defeat or chase them back to their caves or in other words get rid of them."

Rudy...Please do US all a favor. Take yourself and your corrupt friends and go hide in a CAVE. You embarrass US all...Consistently. These discriminatory WAR MONGERS DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICA. Only the Neo Conservative AGENDA!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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