Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Torture "based" Reality Show to debut in Dubai

“The show will have multinational appeal and will interest everyone, irrespective of nationality, age or gender,” said Anjum Fatima, one of the series’ creators.
My goodness. Reality TV "Dubai Style". Producers in Dubai are preparing the final stages of their new highly touted Reality TV show that "will pit individuals against each other in a competition that conveys the social nature of human beings." That's a unique way of saying , "we are going to torture these individuals with solitary confinement until they break."

Get a load of the details of the show courtesy Emirates Today,

“It’ll be a 24-hour continuous drama where six finalists will be locked in separate rooms with basic amenities.

As a test of their patience and their ability to survive without any social contact each will be required to live for as long as possible in their own cocoon and outlast the rest, ” said Fatima.

She said the test would prove difficult and interesting to watch, and added: “It’s a biological fact that human beings cannot survive in seclusion. Our need to interact with the rest of the world is not a matter of social choice, but a must for maintaining our sanity and day-to-day survival.

“Famous psychologists have established that human beings cannot survive for long when deprived of social contact, which makes this challenge more than just a matter of living on your own in a secluded room.” The series’s producers have already talked to three of the leading broadcast channels in the region and are planning to present the show in different languages.

and for the contestants...What do they get out of this?

A cash prize and a new car will be up for grabs for the winner


the prize money is anybody’s guess, but we are expecting it to be something close to Dh100,000.” Prizes will also be given to the runner-up and third placed entrant, with smaller rewards going to the other finalists of the show.

The Bush Administration and Mukasey will surely enjoy this 'show'. Are you kidding me? Torture based reality programming? Next up..."Who can be waterboarded the longest?" "American Tortured Idol", "Wheel of Misfortune" ,"The Real Survivor". For an emirate that is attempting to crack down on it's "human rights abuses" this isn't a good display to the international community. Ridiculous! Torture based reality programming.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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